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Physical Therapy Specialists.


At Enterprise Therapy Center your care is most important to us. We want your rehabilitation to be as effective and efficient as possible. Our physical therapists and staff will help you to achieve success.

  • Allen Bryan, LPTA, Owner
  • Brent Purvis, MPT, Owner
  • Penny H. Turner, DPT
  • Brittney Luker, LPTA
  • Courtney Woodham, LPTA
  • Sarah Martin, LPTA
  • Robin Edge, LPTA
  • Samantha Easton, LPTA
  • Taylor Stinson, LPTA
  • Tammy Sullins, Physical Therapy Aide
  • Victoria Reid, Physical Therapy Aide
  • Tana Warren, RRT, Physical Therapy Aide
  • Darlene Mock, Office Administrator
  • Haley Kyser, Office Assistant
  • Shelby Pawlik, Office Assistant